По-русски Українською


Pushkinska st 43B
Kyiv, 01901
tel. (380 44) 590 07 80
fax (380 44) 590 07 81

Consular Section:
Pushkinska st. 43B
tel. (380 44) 590 24 40
fax (380 44) 590 24 41

Visa application centre VFS Global addresses:

Kyiv : 1a Sportyvna square, Gulliver centre, 8th floor

Lviv :
7B, Pid Dubom str. BC "Lviv Forum"

Odessa: 22, Kanatna str.

Kharkiv: 7, Heroyiv Pratsi str.

Dnipropetrovsk: 22,  Karla Marksa str, BC “Atrium”

+380 44 3230174
+380 503238662

 Applicants can also write us to the following email:

List of border crossing points in Ukraine

Ukraine border crossing points in Donetsk and Lugansk areas

Application for e-resident’s digital identity card

Schengen visa


Estonia's Information System Authority (RIA) is recommending owners of ID cards, residence permit cards and e-resident cards, vulnerable to the security risk, begin remotely renewing their cards' certificates. All certificates for ID cards, residence permit cards and e-resident cards issued after October 16, 2014 must be updated. Certificates of those cards will be closed soon. Certificates of these ID cards, residence permit cards and e-resident cards can be upgraded from your computer and PPA services until March 31, 2018. Certification not renewed from 1 April will be canceled. The document with canceled certificates cannot be renewed and for electronic use, a new card must be applied. Read more:

Call from abroad to the ID-helpline 24-hours a day (+372) 677 3377, or write:

In Estonia 24-hour a day short number 1777 or to PPA telephone number 612 3000 (E-P 8.00 - 19.00)

Stronger Together

Stronger Together

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