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Humanitarian assistance and development cooperation


Ukraine has been Estonia’s country of destination for development cooperation for approximately 15 years, during which official co-operation has been carried out in the amount of 3,7 million euros.

Below is the outline of Estonia’s aid to Ukraine since the bloody riots of Maidan. In addition to state support, Estonia has shown support through several private initiatives.

In 2014 the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has allocated and made financial commitments for the mitigation of Ukraine´s current situation, both bilateral and through international organisations  1 million euros.

Altogether the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has allocated 515 000 euros as part of the humanitarian aid to Ukraine in 2014.

·       Estonia has donated 50 000 euros through the International Renaissance Foundation of Ukraine as part of the medical aid to those injured during riots;

·       25 000 euros through Caritas Ukraine for rehabilitation of affected people of riots;

·       10 000 euros worth of in-kind assistance (medicaments) to the Ukrainian Red Cross.

·       150 000 euros as part of a humanitarian provision for the medical treatment of 5 people injured during street agitation and 10 people injured in the conflict in East Ukraine in Estonia.

·       Humanitarian aid for the refugees of East Ukraine: 70 000 euros.
Estonia has allocated 70 000 euros to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in order to alleviate the situation of East Ukrainian refugees. 

·       In-kind food aid for the internally displaced people from the Eastern Ukraine through UNHCR 80 000 euros.

·       50 000 euros to UNICEF supporting their humanitarian activities in Ukraine with internally displaced and affected persons.

·       50 000 euros to WHO humanitarian activities in Ukraine in the health cluster that support internally displaced and affected people.

·       30 000 euros to Estonian NGO Mondo, NGO Estonian Refugee Council, NGO Ukrainian Cultural Centre for their humanitarian activities in Ukraine assisting internally displaced and Affected people.

Multilateral Aid in 2014 totals 190 000 euros.

·       Estonia has allocated 90 000 euros to the Organization for Security and Co-operation (OSCE) in Europe for deployment of a special mission in order to promote peace, stability and security and alleviate the tensions in Ukraine.

·       The Council of Europe has launched a legal and legislative aid project with the help of Estonia (10 000 euros allocated). The Government of Ukraine has asked the Council of Europe for immediate cooperation and aid regarding the questions and problems of Ukrainian constitution, decentralization, jurisdiction and electoral legislation. Since the budget of the European Council does not cover such initiatives, member states are expected to contribute through a single voluntary donation in order to launch the project as soon as possible.

·       Estonia contributes 30 000 euros to the European Council´s project  in Ukraine “International Advisory panel (IAP 2015)”. The aim is to assess the investigations into the violent incidents surrounding the Maidan demonstrations and to determine their compliance with the procedural requirements. The IAP will oversee that the investigations meet all the requirements of the European Convention on Human Rights and the case law of the European Court of Human Rights.

·       Estonia supports OECD with 30 000 euros in tax crime investigation project in Ukraine. In close co-operation with Ukraine’s ministries, a preliminary action plan was drafted with emphasis on the fight against corruption, public procurement, tax investigations, increasing the transparency of the government, state enterprises, and the general organization of activities for institutional strengthening.

·       Estonia supports the United Nations Human Rights Monitoring Mission in Ukraine (HRMMU) with 30 000 euros that help to promote and protect human rights.

·       In addition to that Estonia has contributed to the OSCE Special Monitoring Missions to Ukraine with 9 observers.  Estonia has seconded also two experts to EU Advisory Mission for Civilian Security Sector Reform Ukraine (EUAM Ukraine), supported the EU delegation in Ukraine with a cost-free Seconded National Expert. A joint Migration Expert from Estonia representing Estonia, Finland, Latvia and Lithuania in Ukraine and Moldova has been deployed to Kiev.

In 2014, six new development cooperation projects were approved in the amount of 216 345 euros.

·       In 2014, through open call of proposals, 5 new Ukraine related projects were approved with the total support amount of 156 912 euros, in addition 59 433 euros allocated for the continuing support of the development of the e-Governance project in Ukraine  in cooperation with the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency SIDA. The purpose of the project is the adaptation of e-government applications in cities and provinces of Ukraine in order to promote better servicing of the people and the efficiency, transparency and openness of the government.

In 2014 new Scholarship programs in the amount of 91 138 euros were approved. At the moment 21 students from Ukraine are studying in different universities of Estonia.


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